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Pedalboard Building

We offer numerous solutions and options for obtaining your dream pedalboard. We can build you a 'turnkey' pedal board, clean your existing board, or even offer a D.I.Y. kit for you to hook up yourself! Below is a little more information regarding the different solutions for obtaining your clean and professionally built pedalboard!

Please contact us if you are interested in having your very own professionally built pedalboard! You can email us at rigs@best-tronics.com or call us Monday through Friday 7:00am-3:30pm CST at 708-802-9677. Please ensure that you are as detailed as possible as to what you need!

Rig Building Options

  • Turnkey Pedalboards - thats right! Just let us know what pedals you would like on your board, the type of board you would like, and we will wire it up. We will even consult with you on wiring design, in order to help you achieve that perfect tone you are looking for! Already have a board or a few pedals that you want to use? No problem! Send them in and we will do the rest! Teaming up with many of the top gear manufacturers, we are able to provide a very cost effective method for achieving your professionally built pedalboard!

  • Pedalboard Re-wires - Already have a board but tired of your cables constantly going bad, figuring out what goes where, or just the overall look of your board? Send it over to us! We will give you a full pedalboard makeover. Consultation, wiring diagrams, looming options, interface panels - your current board will be like brand new!

  • D.I.Y. Kits - Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? You have the skills to put together your stellar board, but maybe lack the resources or want to know the ideal layout for your board? No problem, we can help! Best-Tronics offers everything we sell as a bulk product. From the screws used to mount the connectors to the cables and connectors. Just let us know what you need!


Please see below for a gallery of previous boards we have done!


Demo Board Top Demo Board Rear Demo Board Panel Ganzel PTrain Top
Ganzel PTrain Loom Ganzel PTrain Bottom BB Back BB Top
Beans Woody 1 Beans Woody 2 Beans Woody 3 Guzman Bottom
Guzman Front Guzman Top Guzman Panel MFC
MFC 2 Stereo Stereo Front Stereo Panel
Stereo Top
RJM Pedaltrain Sennheiser Wampler
Disaster Area Dunlop Emereson Custom Matrix Amplification Visual Sound
TC Electronic Eventide The Gig Rig
Thru-Tone Furman Peterson JHS
LoopMaster One Control Ebtech Sonic Research
Crowthers ISP Tech Dinosaural
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