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Rig Building & Wiring

Best-Tronics Pro Audio is now offering rig building services! Whether you want us to build you a new rig, with all equipment, from scratch or re-wire your existing rig - we can make it happen! We are able to provide a cost effective and professionally built turn key rig system. This means no further assembly, simply plug into your professionally built rig, adjust the settings, and play!

For quoting or more information, please contact rigs@best-tronics.com

Rig Building Options

  • Turn Key Rig Systems - Working with numerous of the leading music industry's gear manufacturers we are able to provide a turn key rig solution! Everything will be installed, professionally wired, and even programmed for you! Looking to buy a Fractal Axe FX - II, or an entirely new rig in general but do not know where to begin? Look no further,we will help you get the exact rig you need and help achieve your desired tone in no time!
  • Re-Wire Existing Rigs- Is your rig beginning to look like a spider web, or literally spewing out cables? We can take your rig, have it professionally designed, integrated, and wired in no-time. Enough of trying to trace each cable that may be bad back to where it is plugged in. Remember: A clean & organized rig is a happy rig

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  • Rig Design
  • Rig & Pedalboard Re-Wires
  • Playback Systems
  • IEM Systems
  • FOH Systems
  • PA Systems
  • Programming
  • Custom Wiring
  • Interface Panels
  • Cable Looms

Please take a moment to browse pictures of the work we have done to both professional and everyday rigs below. Also, please take a glance at some of the manufacturers that we have teamed up with to make this happen! If you'd like more information or a quote, please contact us at rigs@best-tronics.com


Manufacturers We Are Currently Working With:

Voodoo Lab Mental Case fractal audio Mission
RJM Pedaltrain Sennheiser Wampler
Disaster Area Dunlop Emereson Custom Matrix Amplification Visual Sound
TC Electronic Eventide The Gig Rig
Thru-Tone Furman Peterson JHS
LoopMaster One Control Ebtech Sonic Research
Crowthers ISP Tech Dinosaural


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