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Below are some of the artists featured in our program. They are listed alphabetically by the first letter in their first name for your viewing convenience.

Advent Sorrow Advent Sorrow  - Perth, Western Australia

Advent Sorrow is a Blackened Symphonic Death Metal band hailing from the most isolated capital city on the globe. Combining haunting melodies with doom and death undertones to create a unique sound.

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Ænimus  - San Francisco/Orange County, California

Ænimus is a technical deathcore band based out of San Francisco and Orange County, CA. The band recently released their debut album, Transcend Reality, engineered by Nick Botelho of NB Recording. Ænimus takes elements from the best in extreme and progressive metal and seamlessly blends them together into one cohesive crushing debut album. Having been compared to the likes of Whitechapel, Veil of Maya, All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris and more, this five piece metal juggernaut from the Bay Area in Northern California has incorporated all of their collective influences and have managed to create an album that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

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The Afters

The Afters  - Dallas, Texas

The Afters are a Dove Award-winning Christian Pop-Rock band founded by Joshua Havens and Matt Fuqua. Havens and Fuqua first worked together in a Starbucks coffee shop in Mesquite, Texas, where they played for customers, before deciding to form a band. They added Brad Wigg and Marc Dodd, who were also employed at the same Starbucks, under their original name of Blisse.

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Agony Scene

The Agony Scene  - Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Agony Scene is an American metal band hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After a short hiatus, they have reunited to make their outstanding music. The band is known for blending elements from thrash metal, black metal, and hardcore punk genres.

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Alton Hollis

Alton Hollis  - City, State

Artist Bio

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Ashton Hollow

Ashton Hollow  - Buffalo, New York

Ashton Hollow, the pair of Jillian McNeight and Eric Van Houten, isn't your average country duo. With an edgy vibe influenced by everything from the Beatles to Toby Keith and from Poison to the Dixie Chicks they have a sound all their own; their original tunes will leave you wanting more!

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