A look into our pedalboard wiring process! This one utilizes a customer supplied Friedman pedalboard. Custom brackets, drilling mounting holes, and the wiring all shown in this one.

We made some custom brackets for this pedalboard. The brackets allow more pedals to be positioned on the top tier of the board by allowing some to overhang. The brackets support the overhang and keep the pedals from wobbling or falling. This clears up room on the pedalboard for cable routing and allows us to leave an open pedal spot for trying out other drive pedals.

friedman pedalboard with custom pedal brackets

All gear mounted underneath the board is drilled down and secured to the pedalboard. Any additional holes we drilled were all countersunk to ensure the dual lock and pedals sat flush on the top of the board.

Bottom view of custom wired Friedman brand pedalboard with Cioks 4, Buffer Bay, Friedman power grid, and Radial Twinline all screwed into the board

For a full description and walkthrough of this pedalboard, check out our other video and blog post. This describes the overall goal and function of the pedalboard. It also explains how to program the Boss ES-5 (or any Boss ES series switcher) to switch a Four Cable Method guitar rig between two amplifiers - with a single footswitch stomp!