This pedalboard is fairly straight forward. One of our BTPA side-mount Pedaltrain panels have been installed to the side of the board (PP-0012-03). The input and output of the panel are routed to the Mesa Boogie Highwire pedal. The powerCON supplies power to the Strymon Zuma on the board.

A Goodwood Audio Audition pedal is wired after the MXR delay pedal as the customer wanted to occasionally use a few different delay pedals he has.

A custom bracket was installed to the Pedaltrain board to give more surface area for the Audition to mount to. We then drilled through the Audition's chassis and bolted it down to the board. This ensures the pedal will not jar loose during the constant rattling and abuse touring brings.

Also, custom brackets were made for the Strymon Ojai to be successfully mounted to the board. We modded the brackets we supply in our Pedaltran Liftkits (LIFTKIT01) to match with the Ojai's holes. We then re-tapped the Ojai's screw holes and got to mounting.

Overall a reliable, sturdy, and great sounding board! Not to mention, easy to setup and tear down every night!

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