Square Plug SP500BK Black

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    Not much of a reader? Check out our video detailing everything you need to know about square plugs!

Square Plug SP500BK Black

The Square Plug SP500BK is currently the world's smallest solder-type pancake connector. It features a very low foot-print without sacrificing strain relief.

The low-profile of the Square Plug SP500BK allows the connectors to be plugged in directly next to one another, meaning they can be used on pedal switchers and stereo inputs/outputs.

The plug is compatible with any 5.8mm (0.23") cable diameter or less. 

SP500 is compatible with the following popular switching systems: VoodooLab Pedal Switcher, PX8, PX8 Plus, HEX | RJM PBC, Mini Effect Gizmo | MusicomLab 6M, 62M, 8L, MKIV, MKV | Providence Audio PEC-4V, PEC-2 | IdeaBench Switcheroo | Carl Martin Octaswitch, Octaswitch mkii | Vinteck V8 | Cusack Music: PBT9, PBT6 

Not Compatible with The GigRig G2 and Boss ES5/8

Square Plugs are changing the game for guitar pedalboards and racks. We receive a lot of questions regarding their compatability with cable/switchers and the difference between models. To help, we compiled a video detailing everything you need to know about these connectors! Rather than sit through the video, we also did a write-up on our blog about Square Plugs.

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