Short SPS 1/4" TS Patch Plug. Solder-Type w/ Strain Relief

Compatible with the CA-0492, CA-0678, and Canare GS-4 Cabling

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    Not much of a reader? Check out our video detailing everything you need to know about square plugs!

The SPS is the shortest solder type 1/4" connector that features a strain relief, to date! It protrudes by only 21mm when plugged in and has an OD of 13mm [just under 14mm around the screw heads area].

SPS fits on any controller/patch bay/switching system/interface and features a unique 2-screw cable holding mechanism that doubles as a discreet yet effective cable identification system.

Effective strain relief:

The cable is firmly held in place by two lateral screws preventing any tension on the solder joints. It is a very effective way to prevent the cable from moving in any direction.

There's absolutely no risk of damaging the cable by using this system. Tests have been carried out on a number of cables with soft to more harder outer jackets with excellent results.

You can safely hold the cable and pull it from whatever socket it's plugged in with zero risk of harming the cable or the solder joints.


Shape, finish and physical dimensions:

The handle of the SPS has been carefully designed to be functional and elegant at the same time:

A circular groove allows to hold the plug to patch it or un-patch it effortlessly despite its compactness. Additional grip can also be obtained by holding the plug right where the screw heads and the groove intersect.

A matte Ni finish gives the SPS a professional look and feel.

Length: 21mm/0.82" [compare against 25.4mm / 1" for the Switchcraft 380 that has no cable clamp for strain relief]

OD: 13mm/0.51"

Compatible with the CA-0492, CA-0678, and Canare GS-4 Cabling

Cable opening:

5mm for the SPS4 [allows to pass cables up to 4.8mm OD]. SPS4 is a good match for our RA SP400 connector 6mm for the SPS5 [allows to pass cables up to 5.8mm OD]. SPS5 is a good match for our RA SP500 connector

 Color coding:

Colored screws can be purchased as an add-on to provide a discreet way to trace / ID cables.

Square Plugs are changing the game for guitar pedalboards and racks. We receive a lot of questions regarding their compatability with cable/switchers and the difference between models. To help, we compiled a video detailing everything you need to know about these connectors! Rather than sit through the video, we also did a write-up on our blog about Square Plugs.

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