24 AWG High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper Single Conductor 95% Braided Shield, 100% PVC Shield Audio Patch Cable 0.178" O.D. & 20pF/ft capacitance rating.

The CA-0678 cable is the miniature version of our best-selling and top performing instrument cable, the CA-0446. Outperforms the Mogami 2319 and Canare GS-4 with 1/2 the capacitance.

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BTPA 24AWG High Definition Guitar/Instrument Patch Cable, Made in the U.S.A.

Classified as the "little brother" of our coveted CA-0446 cable, the CA-0678 holds all of the same great sound and electrical characteristics of the CA-0446 in a smaller package. This cable is the ideal cable for ensuring your signal integrity is kept on your pedalboard, rack, and patching applications. CA-0678 is/has been trusted by our customers, artists, and used within our rack/pedalboard builds for 10+ years. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

CA-0678 Key Features:

  • Very Low Capacitance rating of 20pF/ft - 1/2 the capacitance rating of the Mogami 2319 & Canare GS-4 + lower than most boutique cables on the market as well
  • Low profile outer diameter (0.178") for getting into tight corners, reducing weight, and flexible cable routing
  • 95% coverage braided copper overall shield to ensure a noiseless signal path
  • 24 AWG oxygen free bare copper conductor for high conductivity and pure signal
  • 100% Coverage black semi-conductive PVC shield for further noise protection
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What Connectors Do You Recommend With This Cable?

  • We highly recommend the SP400 (right angle) and SPS4 (straight) for low-profile applications on pedalboards or racks. Due to these being low profile, they do require a little more precision when soldering & stripping the cable.
  • The BTPA Stubby Plug works perfectly for this cable and provides a low profile + more robust connection. This features a cable clamp and is a bit more easy to solder than the SPS4 mentioned above. This plug's opening is custom fit for the CA-0678 so that no heat shrink is needed.
  • Any standard G&H, Switchcraft, etc. will work with this cable as well. We recommend checking the plug's O.D. size as you may need a size reducing grommet, such as our MC-1580

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To order, enter the length in feet into the Qty. box:  Qty. 10 = 10 Feet

    • Weight
      0.03 lbs
    • SKU
  • Nominal O.D.
    0.178" (4.52mm)
  • Cond AWG
    24 AWG
  • Shielding Type
    Braided Copper Shield + 100% Semi Conductive PVC
  • Shielding Coverage
  • Capacitance
  • Manufacturer
    Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc.
  • Color
    Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Sea Foam Green, White

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