BTPA Custom Composite Cable With (3) Instrument Cables & (1) Power Cable - Perfect for Pedalboard to Amp Runs!

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BTPA Custom Composite Cable With (3) Instrument Cables & (1) Power Cable - Perfect for Pedalboard to Amp Runs!

BTPA's Composite Cable is a perfect all-in-one soltuion for your stage runs, without compromising your signal quality. Our Composite cable is similar to a cable loom, only rather than the Techflex/Expando sleeve (snakeskin wrap) all cables are housed within a PVC jacket (similar to an audio snake). What makes this different than an audio snake? Unlike an audio snake, which has balanced runs throughout, our composite cable features cable used for its intended purpose. In other words, the (4) Instrument runs are using actual guitar cable. Each cable run features its own jacket & proper shielding, ensuring a low-noise and completely uncompromised signal. Cable comes with convenient Coil-N-Carry BTPA Handle. Simply Clip around cable after coiled and carry with the rubber handle!

What is in the Composite Cable?

As stated, all cable runs within the composite cable are cables intented for the signal they are passing. So here is what our Composite cable consists of:

  • 3 Instrument Channels: 4 runs of our CA-0678 instrument cable, a mini version of our CA-0446. The cable is a 24AWG Oxygen Free high quality instrument cable with a capacitance rating of 20pF/ft. It is ran in 3 different jacket colors - Black, Red, and Blue. Perfect for To Amp, Send, and Return setups
  • 1 Power Cable: 1 power cable is ran for sending power from your rack/wall plug-in to your pedalboard. This can be terminated with the power connections of your choosing. All is properly jacketed and shielded for noise free signal!!

How To Order:

  • First, determine the overall length you'd like the cable to be and enter it terms of feet.
  • Second, select the connectors you'd like terminated on the ends of the cables. You will be given the connection type options, as well as the straight/right angle or Female/Male options.
  • Third, you must also enter how you'd like each channel of the cable labeled. If you would not like the cables to be labeled, just leave the box blank.
  • Finally, you must determine the Breakout Length for each end of the cable. This is the length that the individual cables will fan-out from the main jacket.

*Note: If you do not want the cable fully terminated (all channels) or want something a little different than what is offered, please do not hesitate to e-mail us with the specifics of what you need! We are a fully custom shop and are more than willing to meet your needs!

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