Here we show you how to connect a Midas M32C to a wireless router for remote control. This is a common question we are asked and can be quite frustrating as it prevents you from using your new mixer and ears rigs! 

In this example we are using the Linksys AC1200. It really doesn't matter what router you use for the sake of pairing the M32C, so here we go!

1. Connect the M32C to the Router

Use an ethernet cable to connect the M32C's "Remote" port into one of the router's ethernet ports.

2. Set the M32C's IP Address

  • Click the scroll wheel on the M32C to go to the setup menu
  • Scroll to the "IP ADDRESS" screen
  • Match the first 3 sections of digits on the M32C to match your router's IP Address. Most routers BUT NOT ALL run at 192.168.1.
  • Change the 4th set of numbers to be a number that is not being used - can be any number really.

3. Connect your device (Laptop/Phone/Tablet) to the same Router

4. Connect the M32C to the Device

  • Pull up the M32 Edit App
  • Click "SETUP" on the app
  • Select your M32C on the screen. Then click Connect

There ya have it! The devices are talking and you are rolling!

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