This time-lapse video showcases the build process for a mixer fly rack. This rig is part of a 2 fly rack system. The mixer rack features the Midas M32C and DL32. The purpose of the rack is to mix the artist's in ear monitors, which are the second fly rack in this system. Each of these fly racks drop into a Pelican Air case that is foamed out to fit the rack nice and snug.

We build a 32 channel input split, which lives on the back of the fly rig. This takes all 32 channels of stage inputs and splits them to a multipin output, which goes to front of house, and to (32) XLRs, which remain plugged into the DL32 in the rack at all times. The multipin output allows for a single connection to patch to front of house from the rack, making for a quick and easy setup/teardown. The hardwired tail, coming off the split into the DL32 uses low-profile XLRs so that all channels can remain patched into the DL32 during transit (within the Pelican case). 

The split on this rack takes ease of setup a step further. All inputs use multipin connections, rather than individual XLRs. Each one of these is fed by a multipin-to-multipin trunk cable. The other end of that connects to their respective stage boxes. The nice thing about this is that the multipin trunk cable's can have varying lengths per stage, tour, festival gig, etc. The stage boxes may even be able to remain patched, i.e. drum riser's stage box, meaning a single connection needs to be made at setup time.

Equipped and secured in the rack is a wireless router. We give this the "Where You Goin'" treatment to ensure that it does not jar loose during transit. If you are unfamiliar with our coveted, tony nominated series, "Where You Goin'", it is saved on our Instagram stories. The Router allows the user to control the M32C mixer via tablet, phone, laptop, etc.

Also installed on the back of the rack is a 1U panel. The panel features a 39 pin multipin output. This sends the audio signal to the IEM Rack, which also features a 39 pin multipin. This means only a single cable/connection is needed to connect this rack to the IEM rack and provide audio signal. Also on the 1U panel are various connections that the end user may/may not need down the road (additional outputs, USB for updating, etc).

A single powerCON plugs into the rack to power everything. The rack is rated for use between 100-240V meaning it can be used most places around the globe without the need for step up/down power transformers.

Fly Rack by Best-Tronics Pro Audio with midas M32C, DL32, and wireless router

Back of Best-Tronics Pro Audio Fly Rack

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