Dual/Triple Rectifier (Multi-Watt) To MIDI Matrix Cable


7 Pin DIN to 7 Pin DIN cable for controlling Mesa Dual or Triple Rec 3 Channel amplifiers (Multi-Watt Versions) with the Mesa MIDI Matrix device

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7 Pin DIN to 7 Pin DIN cable for controlling Mesa Dual or Triple Rec amplifiers (Multi-Watt Versions) with the Mesa MIDI Matrix device

Control Your Dual/Triple Rec w/ MIDI!

This cable is meant to connect the Mesa Triple or Dual Rectifier 3 Channel Amps (**MULTI-WATT VERSIONS ONLY) with the MIDI Matrix device. This converts the amplifier's signal to MIDI and allows you to control the switching functions of the amps w/ virtually any foot controller. This opens your guitar rig up to a number of options and ultimately much easier to use. Some simple MIDI programming and dip-switch adjustments on the Matrix (see below) and you are on your way! You will be able to control various effects, change amp functions, etc. with a single foot switch stomp!

Important Notes:

  • If you are unsure if this cable will work with your setup, shoot us an e-mail! It is important to ensure you are using the correct cable for your amplifier or else it will cause damage to your gear. We are glad to help. Please contact us at sales@btpa.com listing your Amplifier and footswitch you desire to use. We are a custom shop and will do our best to meet your needs. **We are not responsible for using incorrect cables with your gear and any damage that can occur.

  • ENSURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE CORRECT MESA MIDI MATRIX DIP SWITCH SETTINGS! There is an array of dip switch settings on the MIDI Matrix Device. You are responsible for ensuring these are set to the correct position in order to function correctly. Not doing so can result in damage to your amplifier or MIDI Matrix. Please see the MIDI Matrix settings needed for the Dual/Triple Rec amplifiers.

  • SETTING THE MESA MIDI MATRIX: It is recommended to set all dip switches to the OFF position before configuring for your amp. Then, only switch the necessary dip switches ON that are utilized by the amp, per the diagram linked above.


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