High Quality Solderless Patch kits using Best-Tronics' CA-0492 and G&H low-profile solderless plugs


  • $59.99

The Best-Tronics Solderless Patch Cable Kit is perfect for DIY wiring your pedalboard. The kit uses our American made CA-0492 cable. In addition, the solderless cable kit uses the G&H B52N solderless plugs. These plugs offer a simple and very reliable solderless connection for reliability night in and night out of gigging. Our solderless kits are ideal for fitting into the tight areas of your pedalboard that a soldered connection simply cannot provide.

Cable kit Includes:

  • 12 feet of our CA-0492 instrument cable
  • 12 solderless low-profile connectors
  • 1 #1 flat head screwdriver tip

Instructional video on how to assemble our solderless patch kits

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    • Weight
      0.7 lbs
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  • Manufacturer
    Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc.
  • Choose Cable Color:
    Black, Sea Foam Green, Blue, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White

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