Silent Plug

All Silent Plug cables automatically mute (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable signal to avoid pops and squeals when changing the intruments (guitar) under load. Each are quality made and tested in the U.S.A. with CA-0446 cable:

  • 20 AWG High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper
  • 20pF/ft Capacitance>
  • 95% Overall Copper Braided Shield
  • 100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield
  • Flexible Braided Jacket,Ultra Quiet>
  • Neutrik, or Switchcraft Connectors
  • Outperforms Canare GS-6 and Mogami 2524 with 1/2 the Capacitance
  • Quality Made & Tested in the U.S.A.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Cord-Lox Cable Tie on Cables 3 Feet and Over
  • "XX" in the Part Number Designates the Cable Length in Feet
  • Please review and note the Neutrik Silent Plug Catalog Page. The Neutrik silent plug should only be plugged into the guitar. The Neutrik Silent Plug switch can be damaged if plugged into the Amplifier and will not be covered under warranty. Also note that the signal is not muted with some types of active electric guitars which are equipped with tip-ring-sleeve jacks that tap to activate the guitar power supply.
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  • GI5N-XX


    • Base price: $38.00
  • GI6-XX


    • Base price: $40.25
  • GI32-XX


    • Base price: $41.75
  • GI32RS-XX


    • Base price: $42.85