Humfrees Rack Isolation Tabs

1 pack (8 isolation tabs) of Humfrees Rack Isolation Tabs

  • $6.99

Humfrees Isolation Tabs are a great way to eliminate the annoying hum produced from you rack. Not only do the Humfrees tabs eliminate hum, but they also were designed to prevent scratches from on your rack equipment!

The Humfrees Mounting System:

  • Isolates all of your rackmount units from each other and the rack itself - thereby eliminating groundloops.
  • Provides integral shoulder washers for quick, stable mounting - helping guide mounting screws carefully into the threads.
  • Prevents scarring and scratching of the front panels of your rack-mounted devices - further protecting your expensive gear investment

The Humfrees Rack Isolation Tabs are offered in packs of 8.

Quick and Easy Installation:

  • Pull each unit out of the rack approximately 2". There is normally no need to disconnect cables on already installed equipment.
  • Bend the insulating parts around the corners of the front panel.
  • Push unit back into place and reinstall the screws.
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