This time-lapse build follows our build process on a Quad Cortex centered flat style pedalboard for world touring application.

The overall setup is very simple, yet extremely effective and efficient. This board fits into a custom foamed Pelican Air case that allows for storage of cabling, looms, etc. All under the 50lb flying limit and within linear flying dimensions. A power house in terms of "fly rig" pedalboards.

The signal chain of the board:

Guitar In (Panel) -> Tuner -> Wah -> Quad Cortex Input

The artist uses this board in stereo and direct to FOH. Two XLRs are ran from the board to the band's input split. In addition to the Tuner and Wah, an expression pedal is ran into the QC on the board for additional options.

A single Cioks DC7 power supply covers the Quad Cortex, Tuner, and Wah on the board. The switch-mode power supply allows for 100-240V power, meaning the artist will not need a transformer (generally) when touring internationally.

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