BTPA Custom Composite Cable Designed for Fractal Audio Systems with (2) Humbuster cables, (1) Instrument Cable, (1) MIDI Cable, and (1) Power Cable

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BTPA Custom Composite Cable Designed for Fractal Audio Systems with (2) Humbuster cables, (1) Instrument Cable, (1) TRS Footswitch Cable, and (1) Power Cable

This composite cable is designed to easily run the four cable method (4CM) with Fractal Audio Systems. A perfect example would be using the AX8 and an amplifier head. This cable utilizes two Humbuster cables (To Amp and FX Send) + one instrument cable (FX Return) to properly run the 4CM, all in one cable jacket.

Our cusotm, built-to-order, policy allows you to tailor how the cable is built to exactly fit your needs. Simply specify the overall length, choose the connector. orientation (straight v. right angle), enter in the breakout length (length of split at each end), and enter how you'd like each cable run labeled

What's In The Composite Cable?

  • 2 Humbuster Cables: All of these utilize our small diameter CA-1007. These are wired as Humbuster per the Fractal Audio Systems devices outputs. In the 4CM setting, these can be used as To Amp & FX Return
  • Instrument Cable: CA-0678 instrument cable is used for the one run of instrument cable. In the 4CM setting, this is the "FX Send" cable as it is an input to the Fractal Device
  • MIDI Cable: This cable run can be wired 5 pin or 7 pin MIDI, depending on your needs.
  • Power Cable: 3 Conductor 14AWG (41/30) stranded bare copper Power Cable with UL SJTOW jacket

All of these cables are combined into a single overall PVC jacket, similar to a typical audio snake. This allows for an easy setup/teardown + a cleaner and smaller stage footprint. The concept is very similar to that of a cable loom; however instead of using expando sleeve (Techflex) to combine everything we have an overall PVC jacket. 

All of these cables are high quality and feature proper and superior shielding. This helps for running all of these different signals together.

What Makes This Different From A Typical Audio Snake Cable?

Audio snake cables used all balanced/stereo cable runs as they are typically used for carrying XLR or TRS signals. We are using the actual cables intended for their purposes. We are using instrument cable where the instrument run is needed.

How To Order:

  • First, determine the overall length you'd like the cable to be and enter it terms of feet.
  • Second, select the connectors you'd like terminated on the ends of the cables. You will be given the connection type options, as well as the straight/right angle or Female/Male options.
  • Third, you must also enter how you'd like each channel of the cable labeled. If you would not like the cables to be labeled, just leave the box blank.
  • Finally, you must determine the Breakout Length for each end of the cable. This is the length that the individual cables will fan-out from the main jacket.

*Note: If you do not want the cable fully terminated (all channels) or want something a little different than what is offered, please do not hesitate to e-mail us with the specifics of what you need! We are a fully custom shop and are more than willing to meet your needs!

Here is our Fractal Audio Composite cables, broken down and explained!

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