The first thing we will say is that this rig was completely turnkey, meaning all gear was supplied by Best-Tronics Pro Audio (BTPA) via our dealer relationships with the relative companies. In other words, we are a one-stop-shop for this sort of thing!

The fly rig features the Behringer X32 rack mixer, (4) Shure PSM300 IEMs, (1) Shure PA411 Antenna Combiner, and (1) Linksys AC1200 router. The rack itself is manufactured by our friends over at Circle Three Designs, whom also custom foams the Pelican Air case the rack drops into.

The rack is wired so that the band can mix their own ears. The rear panel features a 16 channel input split. The 16 XLR female inputs are split to the 16 XLR male outputs on the panel above & to cable tails that plug into the X32 Rack. This allows the artist to have their own IEM mix while keeping a clean signal to FOH for mixing. 

The router in the rack is to allow remote control of the X32 mixer. The mixer can be controlled via tablet, laptop, or mobile device - allowing for much easier adjustments (especially on the fly).