A closer look at our rig and pedalboard building process! This one tackles a gigantic 38 inch wide X 20 inches deep pedalboard with an additional second tier!

This one was a doozy. The customer had their signal chain and all of their pedals down, just needed someone to put it all together - that is where we came in. We provided the pedalboard and got to work.

The board is setup to mainly work using the 4 cable method. The FX Loop portion of things are ran in stereo, but can easily be flipped to mono via the PBC 10. Should the customer ever want to run the board directly to the front of an amp this can be done two ways - jumping the TO AMP and FX SEND ports on the I/O box - or by removing the To Amp/Send cables from the PBC.

Everything is powered via the Strymon Zumas and Ojai. The I/O Box was custom made at our shop to accommodate all of the customers input and output needs. The RJM Mini Effect Gizmo X (MEGX) serves as a midi controllable additional loop bank for more of the "PRE" effects. The signal chain is as follows:


Guitar In (BOX)MegX Input
MegX Tuner OutTuner Input
MegX Loop 1Compadre
MegX Loop 2Boss OC-5 & POG
MegX Loop 3Mojo Vibe
MegX Loop 4Mobius 1
MegX Loop 5Ranger OC 75
MegX Loop 6Octa Hive
MegX OutputPBC 10 Input
PBC Loop 1Supa Boost
PBC Loop 2Sunset
PBC Loop 3Queen Bee
PBC Loop 4Muffaletta
PBC Loop 6Riverside
PBC Out 5-6Amp (BOX)
PBC In 7-10FX Send (BOX)
PBC Loop 7Fulldrive 2 (WIRED TO STEREO LOOP)
PBC Loop 8 (Stereo)Mobius 2 (Stereo)
PBC Loop 9Timeline (Stereo)
PBC Loop 10Strymon BigSky (Stereo)
PBC Out AReturn (BOX)
PBC Out BAmp 2 (BOX)

Overall this was a pedalboard that covers a very large amount of tonal ground - and physical ground as well. On to the next one for us!

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