We showcase our fly rack building and "Where You Goin?!" treatment in this time-lapse build. Although the rack is small and features minimal gear, it still posed some challenges!

If you follow along on our social media pages (Instagram mainly) you will know that we celebrate "Fly Rig Friday" every week. This showcases our builds and hopefully helps give ideas, inspire, or solutions for your own fly rack builds. Here is a time-lapse video of a 2U SKB fly rack, that we posted just for Fly Rig Friday!

The rack posed a challenge as these SKB 3i-2011M72U fly racks are only 9" deep! This made mounting the Sennheiser power supplies a bit more challenging. Also, these injection molded fly racks do not feature flat surfaces on the inside of the top or bottom of the rack. The molding is full of ridges and supports. This makes mounting the supplies even more of a challenge. 

Those of you that follow our Instagram account, you are familiar with our "Where You Goin'?" series on our stories. Those of you that don't follow our Instagram, the "Where You Goin'?" series showcases different brackets, bolts, and things we make to affix gear to pedalboards/racks. These little brackets all ensure that the gear does not bust loose or fall off during transit on Tour, flying, etc. The answer to where you goin is....well.."Nowhere!" Many times, in a professional touring setting, velcro and dual lock simply do not cut it.

We took a spare Sennheiser flat mounting plate and dual-locked the supplies to it. We then affixed the plate to the top flange of the I/O Rack panel with screws and nylock nuts. We made custom metal spacers to perfectly space the plate between the panel and the roof of the rack. This presses the PSU's against the roof of the rack, ensuring they cannot bounce loose and become wrecking balls to the rack in transit.

The rest of the rack is pretty straight forward. Simple inputs and outputs on the back. A couple of powerCON outputs from the Furman M-8X2 to patch into other units.