Pedaltrain Panels

Pedaltrain Panels

Pedaltrain Panels. Pedaltrain Interfaces. I/O Panels. Those plate thingys you make for Pedaltrains for all of your in and outs. Yes. All of these refer to what is offered within this section of the sale. All of these items are featured within our Spring 2018 sale.

Please note that all CURRENT Pedaltrain Classic and Novo models are compatible with the 2, 3, and 10 port panels. All Novo series and Pedaltrain Classic Pro models are compatible with the 4 port version without needing higher feet. 

If you have the Pedaltrain Classic Jr or Pedaltrain Classic 2 and want to use the side mounted 4 port panel- you need our higher feet kit

The rear panel only comes in a 10 port option. You can use the MW-0349 blanking plates to easily cover unused ports. If your board ever changes (if you are like us, probably every other week), you can simply unscrew these and BAM you have a new port available!

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