Guitar Cable Thanksgiving Sale

Guitar/Instrument Cables

Believe it or not, guitar cables can play a role in your tone. We aren't saying they are going to drastic difference that will blow your mind, but they may just be the last little bit that is needed for you. Now, you may not believe or buy into this. Well, one thing that we can all agree on - a reliable guitar cable is key. You want something that you can count on every time you go to plug in. Our cables are just that. Each cable is hand soldered by our experienced and professional technicians at our shop in Tinley Park, Illinois. 

What cable are we using? Well, we have a couple of our own cables/designs that we are using. Our coveted and best selling CA-0446 instrument cable is our fan-favorite. This cable boasts a 20pF/ft capacitance rating and is made right here in the US of A. This cable features better shielding and a lower capacitance than most of the 'boutique' cables on the market and we sell it at a fraction of the price (even at normal price). Any of the assemblies used in the High Definition, Silent Plug, or Nylon Braided sections use this cable.

Take 20% off these cable assemblies through 12/1. 15 days for 20% off - why not try one of these cables out if you haven't already?!

No Coupon Code Necessary. Just add the items to your shopping cart and the discount is applied!