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Kemper Amps

Thinking of finally pulling the trigger on one of those newfangled Kemper Profilers? Well, now is the time to do so! We are offering Free Shipping on all Kemper Profilers for our Thanksgiving Sales event. This is FIFTEEN days to get your paws on one of these units with a free transit to you. Even if you are thinking of getting one of these for the Holidays or surprising that special musician in your life - now is your time to make it happen.

But Wait, There's More!

In addition to free shipping, any Kemper Profiler purchased during our sales event will get a BTPA cable care package. The care package will bring that Kemper sweetness to an entirely new level. We will provide all cables you need to get these units running! We aren't talking standard, off the shelf, type stuff. That isn't our style. We are talking custom, built-to-order, world tour grade quality stuff! What does this care package include?

  • Straight to Right Angle High Definition BTPA Instrument Cable (Neutrik Connectors + CA-0446 cable)
  • Tactical Grade EtherCON to RJ45 Cable (Needed to connect profiler to remote, not applicable for Kemper Stage)
  • 12AWG BTPA Speaker Cable - (Only Applicable w/ Kemper Power Rack)
  • Two XLR Cables (Neutrik Connectors + 20 AWG BTPA Cable)
  • PoE Injector (needed to run Remote over 20ft) - (Only Applicable w/ Kemper Profiles ft. Remote Purchase)
  • Two Straight to Straight High Definition BTPA Instrument Cables (Neutrik Connectors + CA-0446 cable)
         (Only Applicable w/ Kemper Stage Purchase)
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