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Wireless Upgrade Cables

So, you've made the lead to wireless. You are looking to use this unit for making touring/gigging easier. You now plan to run back and forth across so much that the drummer's neck hurts from following you during the set. The audience is going to be amazed, your band will feed off your enthusiasm, and all will be well in the world. You open the box for the wireless unit *cue drumroll* and a cheap, molded, guitar cable is sitting in the box. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY RELY ON THIS NIGHT IN AND NIGHT OUT ON GIGS!?!?!?!

Fret no more, we have you covered. Our Wireless upgrade cables are made with the top components of their class. These cables are hand soldered in our shop and ready for action. These upgrade cables are made to last on world tours and have proven to last over our two decades of offering them! Choose a straight or right angle end for your guitar, whatever length you'd like, and put your worries away. Get back to focusing on ripping that gig, we will worry about the rest.

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