If you are familiar with using sliding rack shelves, you probably know that most do not positively lock in the closed position. This can be an annoyance when utilizing the rack. This can be a problem whilst touring and gigging. The sliding rack shelf can slide in and out during transit (especially in a fly style rack) and cause wear/damage to the shelf, your gear, or even the cabling within the rack. During a gig the shelf can slide out making it easy for a crew member, yourself, or your drummer's sisters girlfriends husband that "used to play guitar in high school" to accidentally catch the shelf and knock the rack down.

In comes, the BT-LATCH

Our BT-LATCH was developed to stop sliding rack shelves from opening when you do not want them to. The latch is a simple design we came up with while building fly racks at the shop. Popular demand on our social media posts had us develop these into a piece available to the public for adding to their own racks. These are a very small and simple piece that can go a very long way.

The latching mechanism are a tough plastic that are mounted to a metal rack ear plate. The plastic latch is designed to withstand plenty of force; however we all know the capabilities airlines have when it comes to handling your gear. For this reason, we suggest purchasing a couple spares in the event that they break a latch on you. 


Installation is very simple. It is a matter of 2 rack screws. The BT-LATCH fits right over the rack ear of your existing rack shelf. Align the holes and plate, ensure the rack shelf can move, and put your screws in. You can do 1 latch per shelf or you can put a latch on each side of the shelf for DOUBLE LOCKING POWER!

Rack Shelf

We designed these to work with the Gator GRW-SHELF1SLD as these are the only shelves we have found that consistently fit within the fly racks we use. The latch will work with most shelves as long as the sliding shelf is flush with the rack ear when in the "IN" position.

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