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2U SKB Fly Rack Time-Lapse Build

We showcase our fly rack building and "Where You Goin?!" treatment in this time-lapse build. Although the rack is small and features minimal gear, it still posed some challenges!

Friedman Pedalboard Timelapse Build

A look into our pedalboard wiring process! This one utilizes a customer supplied Friedman pedalboard. Custom brackets, drilling mounting holes, and the wiring all shown in this one.

We Built a Four Cable Method Pedalboard to Switch Between Two Amps!

We built a pedalboard that uses the "four cable method" (or pre and post effects) that can switch between two amplifiers with a single foot switch stomp! We cover how we did this and share some diagrams for this rig.

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Square Plugs: The Full Scoop

We go in depth on the Square Plugs line of connectors. We cover why they are significant, the differences between models, and different cables/switchers they work with.

Using an ES-8 and Decimator G-String II

How to use a Noise Gate with a pedal switcher that features rearrangeable loops. The ISP Decimator G-String II and Boss ES-8 are utilized in this example. We also cover how to turn the FX Loop on with the ES-8 and the basic connections of the ES-8 (4 cable method) / Decimator G-String II.