BTPA's cable looms are made with our high quality assemblies and covered with heavy duty expando (snakeskin) sleeving and adhesive heat shrink at the breakouts.  We also have the capability to over-braid cable assemblies with nylon stranding for the most rugged applications, typically seen on heavy equipment like skid steers or earth movers.

Our looms feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are custom manufactured and tested in the U.S.A. to your choice of the following options:

  • Overall length & Breakout length at each end
  •  Staggered ends available for easy dressing in racks (Cable 1 - 10" long, Cable 2 - 12" long, Etc.)
  • Mid-Span Breakouts
  • Custom heat shrink labeling for each subunit
  • Standard Diameter or Miniature Diameter Cable
  • Option LRS (Loom Restraint System) Clips rated to 150 lbs
    Your choice of inner assemblies (Line, Speaker, MIDI, Ethernet, AC/DC Power).  This not a pre-configured composite cablewith a static choice of inner sub-cables, you get exactly what you need in every loom.
    Please email your specifications for a quote.

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